DRIFT Float and Spa Announces Added Hours of Operation


Drift Float and Spa is excited to announce its added hours of operation. Beginning June 11, 2018, Drift will now be open on Mondays from 4-10PM. Drift is also taking this opportunity to implement new membership perks that coincide with the added hours.

“We are excited to add Mondays to our days of operation. We hope this will make floating a more accessible service so that more people are able to benefit from the experiences here at Drift,” said Kelly Caldwell, the creator and owner of Drift.

In addition to being open on Mondays, members of Drift have the privilege of exclusive priority booking up to 24 hours in advance for the new Monday slots. Members must text or call to reserve an appointment. Appointments still available within 24 hours then become open to the public for day-of booking. Memberships with Drift provide customers with a number of exclusive perks. Float Memberships are a 6 month commitment that include one float per month at a discounted price. They also give members discounts off of other Drift therapies and allow sharing with family and friends.

About Drift

Drift Float & Spa is a place that offers a number of relaxation therapies, but their primary focus is float therapy. Floating is done inside a small pool surrounded by a larger pod. The bath inside is filled with water and over 800 pounds of epsom salt, which completely supports the persons body. The surrounding pod contributes to a dark, quiet environment, which creates a relaxing experience of sensory deprivation for the floater.

Research shows that the therapy can offer benefits related to pain management, mental health, immunity function, athletic performance and creativity. The business was started by Kelly Caldwell in 2017 after she began floating and experienced firsthand the positive benefits it can bring. Drift also offers other therapies with similar benefits such as an infrared sauna, oxygen bar, lucia light therapy and stress consultations. Find out more about Drift Float & Spa by visiting them online at: www.driftgreenville.com.

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