Coming Up at Safe Harbor: Shepherding the Unsafe 2018

Studies show that leaders of the church are often the first people individuals and families turn to for support in times of crisis.
On Friday, April 20th from 8:30 AM-12 PM, Safe Harbor is inviting faith leaders and interested lay people throughout the Upstate to take part in Shepherding the Unsafe 2018: Responding Faithfully to Domestic Abuse in the Church; a discussion on creating a culture within congregations that: offers support, safety and helpful referrals for those who have or may be experiencing abuse within a marriage or relationship; brings congregational education and awareness to the issue of domestic abuse; and equips members (especially church leaders) with a common understanding of healthy relationships within the context of their faith. Safe Harbor would love your support, whether you can attend or share this event with others.
 “I am very thankful to the Lord for using Safe Harbor and the Shepherding the Unsafe event to open my eyes to the typical deceitful and manipulative actions of the perpetrators of domestic violence. Otherwise, I would still be in the dark.”  – Curtis Dubose, Pastor at Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church 

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