Cocktails with Stacey Wingate


Fifteen years of developing bar menus across Greenville has Stacey Wingate’s wheels turning. For years, he’s created palette-pleasing cocktails for some of the best-known restaurants in our city, including Breakwater, Rick Erwin’s, Smoke on the Water, and Ink N Ivy.

So how does Stacey top what he’s already accomplished to boost an up-and-coming establishment? While most of us would be worried, Stacey takes things in stride. Pride matters. He’s a risk-taker, and his next great adventure is Kilpatrick’s. If you haven‘t been, it’s located on the north end of Main Street, just across from the Hyatt Regency. Combined with the Comedy Zone and Tilt, Kilpatrick’s rounds out Greenville’s first barcade concept (bar + arcade). The establishment provides patrons with a great bar atmosphere combined with a fun and engaging night on the town.

The atmosphere for Kilpatrick’s is quintessentially Irish, and what better person to host than a man who comes from a diverse city with a strong Irish pub following. Originally from Chicago’s Southside, Stacey has a deep-rooted passion for creating an experience. “If you’re not having fun, how can you expect your guests to?” he says. Stacey’s always loved the customer service relationship that occurs with patrons.  “Bartending is about being able to make a good drink, being friendly, and providing great service. If you do those three things well, people have a drink with you.”

Special for The Clutch readers, Stacey created two drinks that fall right in line with the Kilpatrick’s Irish Pub theme. They’re easy to mix and refreshing for cold winter evenings or hot summer days:

The Irishman Meets a Ginger

2 oz. Irish Whisky (Jameson is recommended)

¼ oz. Ginger liqueur (Stirrings or Domaine Canton)

Orange and cherry fruit

3 dashes of bitters

Muddle the orange, cherry, bitters, and ginger liqueur. Add ice, then pour in whiskey and stir until blended.


Dublin Mule

2 oz. Irish Whiskey

½ oz. Blood Orange liqueur

3 dashes bitters

4 oz. Regatta Ginger beer

Fill a copper mug with ice. Add whiskey, blood orange liqueur, and bitters. Top with Ginger beer. Stir and enjoy.

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