Charcoal Teeth Whitening Review

Yes, you read the title right, charcoal! Charcoal has been all the rage in beauty products the past few years but did you know that charcoal powder can be used for whitening your teeth? I hadn’t even heard of this concept until I received a product in one of my FabFitFun boxes. The product I received is Molr Dental Club C+C Whitening Factory ($43). Cue “Everybody Dance Now.” I was a bit hesitant at first but figured I would at least give it a try, if nothing else but to get a laugh at my charcoal filled smile in the mirror.
So how does it work? This 100% natural product claims to whiten teeth and detoxify your mouth and gums. Ingredients are Activated Charcoal (made from Raw Coconut Shell), Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay, and Organic Mint Extract. Activated charcoal’s natural adhesive qualities let it bind with surface-staining culprits like coffee, tea, wine, and plaque, and take them off your teeth for good when you spit it out. You do have to be careful as charcoal is abrasive so it’s important to brush gently and not use too often as it could break down the enamel on your teeth. The verdict? There was a noticeable difference, my teeth were whiter! The one con from this product is the mess during application. I was very careful but still ended up causing quite a spill on the bathroom sink and counter.
I currently use the powder once or twice a week. If you are interested in trying charcoal for teeth whitening I would recommend trying a charcoal toothpaste instead of the powder. It’s less expensive and you will avoid the mess. The Twin Lotus brand has over 1,000 reviews on Amazon and a four star rating ($7).
Don’t forget to take that smiling selfie after you brush!

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