Casual Fridays: What Does That Even Mean?


TGIF — what a wonderful phrase! For a lot of people, Fridays signify the beginning of the weekend and, for lucky individuals, Fridays are often designated as Casual Fridays. But what does that mean? Do you just leave your blazer or suit jacket at home? Leave that tie on the rack? Let’s explore the ambiguously named office holiday, shall we?

The term casual, when in reference to clothing, can often confuse people. Like, how casual is too casual?

When it comes to a workplace setting, you never want to be that guy who takes Casual Friday too far. Leave that T-shirt with a hole in the armpit at home, bud, and save it for your weekend yardwork.

The first step to dressing down is to ditch the tie, if you regularly wear one. If not, you’re one step ahead of the competition. Slacks or dress pants have no place on Casual Fridays either, so trade out those bad boys for some nice jeans or khakis. The name of the game is to still look professional, but not stuffy.

Instead of the dress shirt, grab a nice polo or button-down. Can’t tell the difference in your shirts? If it has collar stays — you know, those little plastic strips that go in the points of your collar and you always inexplicably lose them — leave on the hanger. Unbutton that top button and if it has long sleeves (and if you’re feeling adventurous), roll them up a time or two. It’s Casual Friday, you can do that!

An easy way to instantly “dress up” an outfit that might look a bit too casual is to tuck that shirt in. And wear a belt. A good wardrobe includes a couple of belts, because you can’t just wear that shiny black belt with a silver buckle with every outfit. Change it up and grab a nice brown belt that’s meant for more everyday, after-work attire.

Now, this one depends on your employer and the workplace setting, but it’s likely that you should just disregard T-shirts on Casual Friday, because they’re just a bit too casual. Granted, some bosses might not have a problem with it, but it’s just a good rule of thumb to plan on wearing something else.

One last tip — and this one is applicable for normal, everyday office wear, too. Let go of the boring black, brown, and navy socks, y’all. Life is too short for boring socks. Grab a fun pair every once in a while!

That’s all for today, guys! Check back in next week to see what other fashion tips we have in store for you.

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Nick Kulmala
Nick Kulmala is the head honcho of local bow tie business, A Dapper Sandlapper. He's a Clemson graduate who spends his free time either acting, making bow ties, aggressively following Clemson athletics, or reading far too many Buzzfeed articles. Nick lives in #yeahTHATgreenville with his boyfriend, Chris, and their spoiled French Bulldog, Tilly.

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