Break it to Grandpa: There Are No Free Krispy Kremes (Or Exotic Trips)


Disney is giving away 100 free vacations!

Yeti has an overstock of coolers!

Pizza Hut is giving away pizza for life!

If you have ever spent more than 5 minutes on Facebook, you’ve probably seen post just like the ones referenced above.  And they all have one thing in common- “Like and Share this post in order to be entered!”

One of our readers emailed us with a question that, upon reflection, resonated with our team at the last meeting. “What is UP with these random gimmicks on social media? I feel like my parents and grandparents are getting hosed each time they share, tag, like and comment!” As we talked it over, we realized that this hit home with all of us in some way, shape or form. Our social media team decided to dig a little deeper into these posts to help explain exactly what is going on.  What they found was that the profiles disappeared completely soon after they were followed.  Very weird, right?

The reality is that the average social media user follows so many different pages that it’s difficult to keep track of any one of them.  And that’s what these “giveaway” posters count on- getting lost in the mix.  So, our team decided to take a different approach.

They had to use a Facebook profile that only followed 1 specific page, which was listed as Mobiles.  The Mobiles profile was also marked as “See First” so that they wouldn’t miss even one valuable giveaway.  What the team discovered was very surprising yet also concerning.

To be perfectly direct, these profiles are set up by professionals who make sure that every modification to their profile or image that they post has a specific purpose- trick more people into following the page.

So basically 1 profile became 3 profiles, all of which were nothing like they presented themselves to be initially.  Nothing was given away, nor was that ever the intention.  Rather, the objective was to fool people into following these fake profiles so that at some point they could point that audience to another media property, either their own or that of a client.

So, as hard as it is. . . Break it to Grandpa. He isn’t, unfortunately, getting any free Krispy Kreme donuts, Delta Airline flights, or tropical getaways anytime soon. Unless he pays for them himself. In which case we will happily join for a travel feature.

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