Best Brands of (Vegan) Ice Cream

Have you ventured into the land of non-dairy desserts?  I have, and let me tell you — I have had quite the journey.  I have been taken on many twists and turns; I have climbed hills, traveled through peaks and valleys, swam in seas.  I have experienced it all.  And while there are many undesirable, weird-tasting vegan ice-creams on the market, there are just as many delicious ones.  You just have to know where to look.  You have to find the strength within yourself to dig a little deeper, get your nails a little dirty, and find non-dairy pints of ice cream.
In all seriousness, give vegan ice cream a try.  Because whether you’re vegan, allergic to dairy, or simply adventurous when it comes to culinary creations, non-dairy ice creams are a fun change to the standard gallon of Bluebell.  Truly, vegan ice creams are booming in the market — heck, they’re practically taking over the frozen isle in Lowes, Publix, and Whole Foods.
Without further ado, here are my top 5 favorite brands of vegan ice cream.
Yep, Ben & Jerry’s has vegan ice-cream.  But if you didn’t already know that, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?  Hiding under a rock?  Well, come on, then!  Climb out from under that stone and join us in the open air.  We’ve got something special for you and it comes in a whopping 9 flavors.  Creamy, sweet, and delicious, Ben & Jerry’s is the epitome of vegan ice-cream.  But that probably comes as no surprise.
Fave flavor: Peanut Butter Half Baked (includes gobs — yes, GOBS — of peanut butter)
If you’re looking for a low-calorie ice-cream that still tastes like ice-cream (and not icy, fake-sugary garbage), reach for a pint of Halo Top.  One pint is only 320 calories! Obviously, the taste and texture of Halo Top is not as indulgent as B&J, but for most dieters, it’ll hit the sweet spot.
Fave flavor: Peanut Butter Cup
Trader Joes comes in Clutch, once again.  Honestly, what can’t Trader Joes do?  From chile-spiced dried mango to the infamous Speculoos, they have it all.  Their vegan ice cream is quite tasty, if I do say so myself.  And the ice cream packaging?  Aesthetically pleasing, as always.
Fave flavor: Chocolate
Albeit expensive, Nada-moo is one of the top vegan ice-creams out there.  This brand has been around since ‘04 but has only become ~uber trendy~ as of late.  The base of the ice cream is coconut milk, which makes the texture ultra creamy.  So if you’re feeling boujee or in the mood to splurge, a pint of Nada-moo is worth your buck.
Fave flavor: Birthday Cake Cookie Dough
So Delicious offers a wide variety of products — from yogurts and milks to ice-creams and coffee creamers — so it is safe to say they are a large player in the non-dairy playing field.  So Delicious knows what they are doing.  Their ice-creams are found in most grocery stores, and they offer varieties from cashew-milk based to coconut-, soy-, and almond-milk based, so pick up a pint if your grocery store doesn’t offer a lot of non-dairy options.
Fave flavor: Cashew Milk Salted Caramel Cluster
Now, grab your spoons and go forth — indulge!  Go on, I know you have it within you.  Muster up the courage.  Take a bite into a non-dairy pint.
PS: Have you already tried any vegan ice creams?  What’s your favorite brand?  Favorite flavor?  I’m always a sucker for anything peanut butter!

Gigi Nally

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