Behind the Scenes: Armoire Spartanburg


We always appreciate our readers who give us heads’ up about things across our Upstate community. Enter: Armoire Spartanburg. We were interested, and thought you would be too.

The CLUTCH: So, tell us the story.
Armoire Spartanburg: We moved to Spartanburg nine years ago, and one of our favorite things about the city was its cute downtown. My retail career, since college, included everything from buying to apparel design in cities like Washington, D.C. and Boston. Three years after moving to Spartanburg, I began to get the itch to get back into the retail world. Having my own boutique had always been a dream of mine and we believed that downtown Spartanburg was the perfect place to do it. In August 2009, I opened my children’s boutique, Petit Armoire. There were several brands of clothing that I purchased for my children that weren’t available in this area so I felt that I could create special niche.

TC: So fill our readers in on the lines you carry.
AS: Tea Collection, Pink Chicken, Toobydoo, and PPLA are some of the lines I carry, and their clothes are super soft, stylish, and suitable for everyday wear, and they are affordable too! In 2012, an existing women’s boutique in town called Pearson’s moved into my space. In 2014, I took over the women’s business. . .And Petit Armoire became Armoire, A Women’s and Children’s Boutique.  My first love has always been women’s apparel, so being able to expand the store was a dream come true. My women’s lines range from mid to higher price points and some of the collections I carry include Rebecca Taylor, Milly, Trina Turk, DL1961, and Joy Joy. 

TC: Why this business?
AS: One of the reasons I love owning a store in a smaller city like Spartanburg is that I get to know my customers really well. I try to be in the store as much as possible so I can spend time with my customers and help them choose the best pieces to suit their needs. Often I will take pictures of new merchandise and text them to customers or even drop off pieces at their homes if they are unable to make it to the store during business hours. I’ve even had customers needing to purchase something in a hurry and they will call me, make the purchase over the phone, and I will run it out to their car as they drive by. With all the online shopping available these days, I think developing unique customer service techniques can help you build customer loyalty. 

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