If you have a beard (or even if you don’t) listen up!

Get your beard ready, because On March 5th Patrick Cox is holding the first open-house of beards at his Main Street studio from 8am – 6pm.
Patrick will be photographing a black and white series called “beards greenville” as his newest art project. He’s planning on photographing some great people, getting some bios, and later telling your stories. #beardsgreenville
A beard is not actually required, so those of you with mustaches, great sideburns, or a little scruff are in luck! Patrick will welcome anyone who comes and will leave it up to your personal interpretation, as we cannot leave out the many forms of groovy facial hair.
There is no cost, but be aware you might get featured on social media or in print.
You can also opt to donate to Fostering Great Ideas, a nonprofit which helps children in the foster care system.
If you would like to be a sponsor or help out, please contact Patrick Cox at patrickcox@me.com.

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