Back to School Organizing Ideas


Back to school is a fun time for both kids and parents.  While it can be enjoyable to get all of the supplies and clothes, getting organized and back into your routine can prove to be a challenge.

One way to make your days (and evenings) better, is to get organized.  We’ve rounded up some of the most brilliant back to school organizing ideas you’ll find anywhere!

back to school organizing idea snack basket

Snack basket for simpler after school snacks.  Fill Ziploc bags and find other snacks to have handy for after school.  Makes them quick to grab when running to practice too!

back to school organizing idea - clothes sorter

Organize clothes for the week by using a hanging sorter.  Have the kids plan their outfits for the entire week and place them into each section. No worries about what they will wear every morning.

back to school organizing ideas - homework station

Homework Nook with Supplies.  All of the supplies they will need in a designated location in your home.

Keep school papers organized  easily!  Drop all of your papers into one box all year long and then, at the end of the year, sort them by year for each of your kids.  30 minutes and you’ll be DONE!

back to school organization - homework station

Homework Station – daily checklists, supplies and more all in one location.

back to school organizing ideas - school supplies

Simple school supplies organizer  with a shoe organizer!  Hang it on a closet and fill with all of the supplies the kids need for homework — or for when they run out at school!

back to school organization backpack center

Backpack Organization Center where the kids can hang their backpacks after school — and can find them every morning when it’s time to head to school!

back to school organization wall calendar

Custom wall calendar  that will show all of your family’s activities at at glance!  If this how to is a bit too much, try one of the simple dry erase calendars available at most stores.

back to school organization schedule clock

School Routine Clock so your kids know when it is time to everything from homework to going to bed!

back to school organization - after school checklist

After School Schedule to remind your kids everything that they need to each night before they go to bed.  What a simple way to teach them responsibility (printable form available at this same link).

back to school organization ideas - homework caddy

Create a Homework Caddy to store supplies that you can set on the table for homework time – and put away when you are through!Kids' School Lunch Ideas! 30 days of complete menus PLUS printable you can use to customize your own meals!!

School Lunch Guide with ideas you can use to create your own kids’ lunch!  Even considers those kids who have allergies or sensory issues too!!  Get a free printable you can use at home by clicking on this link.back to school organization school lunch box ice packs

Create sponge ice packs so they are ready for lunches

back to school organization - shoes

Organize shoes so you can find them every morning

back to school organization ideas - papers inbox

Create an in-box where kids can place papers that need to be signedback to school organization caddyLazy Susan Homework Caddy that can remain on the kitchen table.  That way, the kids can find their supplies when they are needed.back to school organization wall caddy

Paper Wall Caddy to organize school papers, bills and more — keeps them off of the kitchen counter.back to school organization

Family Command Center  to get your entire family organized.  They will know where to find papers, notes and everything they need.

back to school organization

Lunch Bins so the kids can pack what they want for lunch (source: Facebook).  Add a number to the front so the kids know how many of each they need to pack for school every day.

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