The CLUTCH understands how important it is to reach the right audience at the right time. So we offer a full suite of digital products designed to get you the most results for your investment.

Banner Ads on The CLUTCH Website

728X90 Leaderboard Ad

Starter = $300/month top center of home page
Most Common = $450/month top center of each page
Best Value = $700/month sole sponsorship of one selected category.  Ad will run at end of each article in the category and will also rotate in center content section of home page

300X250 Box Ad (right rail)

Starter = $300/month home page
Best Value = $400/month on all pages

Banner Ads in The CLUTCH Newsletter

728X90 Leaderboard Ad

Starter = $200 per newsletter (no minimum)
Most Common = $700/month (4 newsletters, minimum 4 weeks)
Best Value = $900/month (4 newsletters and leaderboard space on home page, minimum 4 weeks)

Targeted Display Advertising

Targeted mobile/desktop display is a perfect fit with any advertising campaign.  Get your message directly to your audience while they are in front of their computer, tablet or phone.  The CLUTCH will place your advertisements on legitimate, frequently accessed websites, based on how you set up your campaign (CNN, USAToday, Univision, ESPN, Drudge Report, Esquire, Yahoo, Spotify, etc.).

You can create a comprehensive targeted display advertising campaign in 3 easy steps:

1.  Select A Geography:
City/cities, State, Region, Nationwide

2.  Select Your Customers’ Interests (allows The CLUTCH to target relevant websites for placement):
Business, Banking/Finance, Real Estate, Automotive, Health Care, Construction, Architecture, Education,  Energy, Government, Hospitality, Innovation, Manufacturing, Technology, Retail, Nonprofit, Transportation,  Sports, Creative Industries

3.  Select Your Budget and Ad Placements:
$600 per month for 3 months- 66,000 ads monthly
$900 per month for 3 months- 100,000 ads monthly
$1500 per month for 3 months- 160,000 ads monthly

Need more information, or are you looking to reach your audience a little differently (native/advertorial, social media, website development, SEO, mobile, etc.)?  Just drop us a line.  We’ll create the perfect solution for you!