The CLUTCH is all about community. Our contributors have their finger on the pulse of the Upstate, and we defer to their expertise. We don’t take favorites when it comes to Upstate cities – we love them all.

Our goal is to provide timely information and buzz-worthy events right to your inbox via our newsletter and through our social media feeds.

Our business was built from the outside in so that we could give our community exactly what the Upstate community wants – not what some stuffy business or corporation thinks we all need. We leave yesterday’s news to the big guys! We’re homegrown over here, and we’re kinda proud of that.


We are a community of contributors, from industry experts to stay-at-home moms, financial planners to fashion aficionados. From eggs to apples, we cover it all. Our contributors range in age from nineteen to eighty, and our editors have over 50+ years of experience in the media world. Simply put: everyone has something to say. So why not say it with us?

We are all Upstate born and/or bred, and as such we know what’s going on, and what our community cares about. We want to hear from you, though. . . So join our team of contributors and let’s start chatting.

Cathy Griffin: Executive Director
Katey Gordon: Engagement Editor


Jim Fair:  Executive Editor emeritus
Spencer Stanton: Photography
Patrick Cox: Photography
Justin Baustert: Photography
Virginia Hayes: Real Estate
Caroline Brackett: Design
Jeni Townsend: Cuisine
Lance Putnam:  Design
Antoinette Jordan:  Lifestyle
Nick Kumala:  Fashion
Lacey Hennessey:  Design
Sarah Bennett:  Fashion
Tabitha Smith-: Art
Kelly Callahan Hardy:  Style
Catherine Darling and Grace Pouch:  Design
Travis Graham:  Style
Lindley Mayer: Health
Jessica Neville: Fitness
Paula Rallis: Style
Roger Upton: Photography
Hannah Barfield Spellmeyer: Business
Dreama Kees: Beauty
Sarah Kate Abee and Katie Burnett:
Missy Connor and Julie Israel: Design
Harrison Blackford: Art
Emilie Dowd: Photography
Kim Banks, Lindsay Chastain and Liza Jones: Entertaining
Kelli Ingram: Parenting
Shanna Walker: Entertainment
Faith Pope: Business
Gigi Nally: Cuisine
Elizabeth Maxon: Narrative
Erin Kornahrens : Parenting


Writing aficionado?  Budding photographer or broadcaster?  Shoot us your info and let’s start a conversation.

The CLUTCH is looking for homes in other areas too!  If you know of any journalists or fashionistas who have a finger on the pulse of their city and need an outlet to share their message, let us know.  We’re here to help make their dream a reality!

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