A Summer Home


My collection, A SUMMER HOME, focused on traditional architectural homes found around the coast and low country. The south is known for our wonderful porches and historical architecture. Coastal towns in the south are known for bright colorful buildings. With this collection, my goal was to emphasize traditional architectural features found in southern homes while mixing in bright spring colors. — adding my own touch!

When I was younger, I wanted to be an architect. My mom often found me drawing out large floor plans for houses with pieces of graph paper taped together. Although I shifted more into the art world, I think my passion for architecture is often reflected in my artwork. I love to paint traditional elements on a basic building or house but give it an edge or a little bit of funk. — whether its using a wild color around a window or letting some paint drip from one building to another…I hope the final painting brings in all of these elements to create the impression of a street or house and makes you look at something traditional in a new way.

I am thrilled about what I am planning next! I am leaving for France and Italy in about a week. I could not be more excited! I hope to take so many pictures of classical European buildings, streets, shops, and restaurants etc. This summer, I am planning to work on a new collection centering around this upcoming trip — based on all of the sites and sounds I find abroad. I am hoping to return feeling very inspired to get to work on this new series!

I am lucky to draw subject matter from even a simple walk around town — whether it is a colorful door, an interesting piece of moulding around a window, or a large wrap around porch. I am constantly taking photos when something strikes me. Living in Charleston and also being able to draw inspiration from my travels, I feel fortunate that I can find either a new element of architecture or a fun colorful building that I want to dive right into. Stay tuned for what is next!

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Harrison Blackford
Harrison is an abstract and impressionist artist, who believes there can never be enough color on a canvas. She enjoys using energetic colors and vibrant hues to inspire a work of art. Harrison is captivated by the fact that a single painting can illuminate a space and tie an entire room together. Harrison's passionate use of color and expressive paint strokes evoke her personality into each one of her paintings.
Harrison grew up in Spartanburg, South Carolina and garnered a deep interest in the arts and interior design at an early age. Later, studying art history and art at Sewanee: University of the South, she continued to seek inspiration from the work of both past and present artists. Harrison currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina. She enjoys nothing more than a beautiful South Carolina day, windows up in her studio, and paint on her canvas.

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