7 International Markets That’ll Stamp Your Culinary Passport


It’s easy to get in a rut when it comes to making meals, especially during busy weekdays. Not to mention, life is so much more fun with a dash of adventure. Yes, casseroles are a go-to here in the South, but you can only eat so many before you start to crave something different. Fear not fellow epicureans, here are seven international markets that will up your cooking game and stamp your culinary passport.

7 Moon Supermarket
Located off Asheville Highway in Spartanburg, 7 Moon is the largest international market on our list by far. Be prepared to come in and wander in awe – you’ll find a huge selection of imported options from Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, and more. In addition to practically every Asian noodle you’ll ever need, you will find exotic fruits and veggies, candy, and ingredients for meals like sushi and Pho. There is also a large frozen food section (check out the frozen Mi Goreng and mochi – yum). You can even find some kitchen goods like rice cookers, chopsticks, and cute bowls. If you have a list, ask for help from one of their cheerful staff so you don’t get lost in the aisles. For more information about 7 Moon Supermarket click here.

European Market
While smaller than 7 Moon, European Market offers a wide array of hard to find imported goods from an array of countries, including Russia, Germany, and Croatia. Food choices are broad, with everything from fresh pierogies and blintzes to frozen lamb dumplings and caviar – plus some fantastic candy and chocolates. This ITKer almost squealed with glee after discovering real Kinder Eggs at the counter. Who doesn’t need a chocolate egg with a ridiculously tiny toy inside? With five stores across the Upstate, it’s easy to find something amazing and new to bring to your dinner table. To your benefit, there are four European Market locations, so you are bound to find one close to you. For more information about European Market check out their website here.

Asian Groceries
This small shop at 7750 Warren H. Abernathy Hwy in Spartanburg offers mainly Indian food ingredients, with a few options from East Asia. One aisle is practically wall-to-wall with rice and lentil choices, including low GI options for those needing to watch their diet choices. You’ll also find hard-to-find ingredients like pure Desi ghee, great for cooking with its high smoke point and strangely delicious in coffee. Be prepared to walk away hungry – the store smells like delicious curry and they have naan just staring at you as you cross the aisle.  For more information about Asian Groceries, click here.

Krishna Indian Grocery
Located at 1288 Woodruff Rd in Greenville, Krishna Grocery is a great place to elevate your Indian food cooking skills. You’ll find a large selection of sauces, rice, frozen food, some fruit and veggies and even packaged meals for a quick but tasty meal. It’s also a great place to pick up large containers of different cooking oils and many types of Indian bread. For more information about Krishna Indian Grocery visit their site here. 

La Unica Supermercado
If you’re hankering for some real Hispanic food, this is your place. A proper grocery store, with a location at Wade Hampton in Taylors and White Horse Road in Greenville, you’ll find pretty much everything you want, from ingredients and tortillas to vegetables and candy. There is also an amazing butcher shop, bakery and pre-made options to pick up if you don’t feel like cooking (try the tortas). Take the opportunity to practice your Spanish and enjoy the authentic experience as you stock up for your inspired dinners. For more information about La Unica Supermercado click here.

Saigon Market
If you are looking for some Vietnamese flavor, you’ll want to head to Saigon Market. Located on Wade Hampton Blvd, Saigon carries a wide variety of foods that will help you elevate your next dish. From different rice varieties, canned teas and juices, and even fun Vietnamese snacks and candies. In addition to their wide selections of foodstuffs, they also carry kitchen supplies, herbal supplements, and medicines. Even more, they have a travel agent onsite that specializes in Asian travel. You’ll want to spend hours perusing the different Vietnamese products. Looking for something specific? The staff is extremely friendly, and will be more than happy to help! For more information, check out their Facebook here.

Asia Pacific Supermarket
Are you looking for a way to amp up your next meal? Asia Pacific Market can help. You’ll love their variety of buns (sweet and savory) to take any sandwich to the next level. Seafood? They have a newly opened fresh seafood section that will blow you away. From crabs and clams, to various kinds of fish, it is all fresh and ready for your signature style. Asia Pacific Supermarket also offers a huge list of bubble tea flavors that range from traditional to more unique. Not looking to cook? You’re in luck as Asia Pacific Supermarket offers a huge menu of already prepared specialties. You’ll want to try the crispy duck…reviewers are raving about this house specialty. Want to try something a little less typical? We recommend the Taiwanese Octopus Balls. Find out more about Asia Pacific on their Facebook page here.

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