6 Tips and Tricks to Prep Your Face for Fall Like a Celebrity


Welcome to the Carolinas where fall means you’re hanging by the pool one day and wrapped in warm scarves and sweaters the next.

I have years of experience with high end clients and celebrities who want to make sure they are doing everything they can to take care of their face as the weather changes. I have made it my mission to bring these techniques and products to the public eye and make it affordable so that everyone is able to take proper care of their skin, which is why I started Skin by Stephanie. I’ve learned a lot, and have seen the do’s and don’ts of skincare world during the changing seasons in the South. I want to share my insight! https://skinbystephanie.com

1.) Sleep!
Anyone who’s pulled an all-nighter can attest . . . pasty looking skin and dark circles are not a girl’s best friend. However, they are only superficial signs of a far worse consequence. Insufficient sleep can cause your body to work harder to fulfill its basic functions, overloading or causing undue stress to the system. The result is slower collagen production, which has negative consequences for your skin. Hello fine lines and wrinkles! Getting quality sleep can help you wake up to better skin.

2.) Don’t neglect your evening routine.
Using the proper nighttime skin care routine can absolutely help the natural healing process. Did you know cell turnover is eight (8) times faster, softening your wrinkles and returning a healthy glow to your skin? Remember: “Night is Right” when it comes to the perfect time to take years off your face (or prevent them in the first place).
Skin by Stephanie can help you increase the results your skin gets from the natural healing cycle that occurs at night by prescribing a night time skin care routine just for you.

3.) Moisturize, moisturize, and don’t forget to moisturize.
Having moisture on your skin is of the utmost importance! A clean alternative to cosmetic surgery is a product like Science Ceutical’s “Anti-Oxidant Moisture Crème”. Use it during the day to protect your skin from the effects of the environment and harsh elements. Anti-Oxidants protect your skin from free radicals with a clean approach and no harsh chemicals, giving your skin all the nutrients it needs for the day.

4.) Always wear SPF
A layer of product that contains SPF on top of your skin is also important in the Fall. Remember: over 70% of the aging process comes from the sun.

5.) Check the ingredients.
Lately people have become increasingly aware of what they are putting into their bodies. Staying away from GMO, gluten, etc. are good starting points. But don’t forget that these are in your makeup and skincare products as well. (Did you know that?!) A clean product approach, like Science Ceuticals, is what we all want now a days. Our skincare line is especially made with natural ingredients to delicately protect your face. https://skinbystephanie.com/skin-care-makeup-products/

6.) Your face is unique! Be sure you’re doing what is right for YOUR face.
Because everyone’s skin is different, at Skin by Stephanie the first consultation and treatment is an hour to an hour and a half. 50 minutes of treatment time, and the rest is one-on-one discussion and establishing a plan of action. At this initial appointment, I put together a list prescribed Science Ceuticals products for everyday use and match those percentages of active ingredients with specific treatment protocols. I give each individual the maximized goal and potential for the alternative to cosmetic surgeries.


We also offer special services as great fall treatments:
Microdermabrasion is a great fall treatment – it gets rid of brown spots, hyperpigmentation, and getting rid of the top layer of skin to promote healthy fresh regrowth.

Radio Frequency is another celebrity favorite! Everyone loves to tighten their skin and melt down collagen for reformation of the skin and getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles!

Micro-Current is the most important. This is like doing yoga and pilates for the face and neck.

Call Skin by Stephanie, send us an email, or better yet… come see me for one of my facials. I would love to discuss how we will keep looking young and beautiful. As always, all Clutch readers get a special offer of 50% off consultation and services. http://skinbystephanie.com or 864-314-2417

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about your skin.

Stephanie McChesney
Stephanie has devoted 25 years to becoming a leading expert in clinical skin care and the use of peptides and other active ingredients to improve and beautify the skin.

She is one of the few Master Medical Aestheticians in the country with both the active ingredient knowledge and passion for excellence to develop her own clinical skin care line.

Stephanie’s unique ability to prescribe treatments and products that are individualized per active ingredient offers clients the most dramatic improvements possible at the cellular level.

Think of Stephanie as a Personal Trainer for your skin. Just like your body responds to changes to your exercise routine, she challenges the skin by changing up the use of active ingredients to maximize your results.

Call Stephanie today at 864-314-2417 to inquire about the benefits of clinical skin care.

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