2018 Trends

After the excitement of the holidays and after all of the decorations come down, our homes may start to feel a little bare. Luckily, the new year brings with it a chance to move around some furniture, declutter your rooms and indulge in some of the recent home décor trends. Thanks to some of the big social media players, they are able to give us a glimpse of what trends they believe we will be seeing in our homes this year thanks to our social media feeds.
It’s difficult to look at a vintage rug as a trendy item, but rather as a timeless staple that will stand the test of time, though we do see design trends that our vintage rugs fit perfectly in line with. Some of the largest paint brands picked shades of a bluish-green as a defining color for 2018. The light and cool hue is an easy color to place in accessories throughout your home, which will bring a breath of fresh air into any room you place the color in. This is a shade that we often find in our vintage Turkish rugs, whether the bluish-green color is paired with a neutral, pink or green, it is a color that seems to go with just about anything.
As technology continues to grow in the homes, its refreshing to see home furnishings made by humans. Homeowners are celebrating artistry and craftsmanship more than ever and that is expected to grow this year. Each of our vintage Turkish rugs are handwoven, and though some may not be perfectly straight or symmetrical, it just adds to the human-made charm of the piece. This year, we are excited to launch a collection of pillows made from mud cloth, sourced from Africa, batik fabric, sourced from Thailand, and Belgian linen, which is made in Belgium. So much love has gone into each one of these pillows, which are sewn and finished in South Carolina.
And while white kitchens never go out of style, we are seeing more color in kitchens and will continue to see more of it this year. More homeowners are looking for fresh, bold colors to incorporate into their kitchens and while you may not want to go as far as painting your cabinets in a rich color, you can easily add a bold runner in front of your cabinetry, which will give the space a much welcomed pop of color.
From bluish-green color palettes, to handmade items and rich patterns, these are some design trends to take note of in the new year. Regardless of what the trends may be, stick true to your style and what you love, but if you are looking to refresh your home with some home décor trends, just remember that it can be fun (and not to mention easy and inexpensive) to make a few trendy changes to your house as well.

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Lance Putnam
Lance Putnam is the curator and founder of the South Carolina small business, Woven in Vintage. With a background in the arts, entrepreneurship, and design, Lance started Woven in Vintage to bring timeless additions to modern homes. Follow @WovenInVintage on Instagram for the latest arrivals in vintage rugs and textiles and shop online at www.WovenInVintage.com

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